The project EEELCAR of SONITA enters the transport field with the aim of producing a light, reliable, safe, strong, eco-sustainable, lasting and inexpensive vehicle fit for work and leisure activities too, so as to carry people, goods and small animals in a simple and economical way.

    The ecological factor studied by SONITA researcher is the key point.
    The SONITA vehicle is non-polluting during the building phase because the materials used are recyclable, light, strong and assembled following the easy assembly criterion, without welding and painting, except the chassis, and can be easily dismantled and recycled at the end of vehicle life cycle.
    Each SONITA vehicle is an environmentally friendly product thanks to its variety of uses: this versatility is the essence of saving logic.

    When the project will have the same development of the industry of plastic polymers obtained from cereals, reeds and weeds, SONITA is manufactured with materials coming from vegetable world too. A REAL REVOLUTION!
  • The SONITA vehicle is non-polluting during the operation phase because it uses electric power, partially self-produced. Moreover, in order to reduce the amount of passive CO2 produced during its manufacture, SONITA has established a partnership with Marcopolo Engineering Spa Sistemi Ecologici, firm placed in the north-west of Italy, Cuneo, world leader in the production both of green energy, disposing the toxic and harmful biogas produced by dumps with 50 MW installed on 42 plants, and of Humus Anenzy®, a material extracted from manure produced by selected cattle breeding, able to absorb CO2.
    The aim of this partnership is to reduce the amount of CO2 produced during the manufacture of a SONITA vehicle: each Sonita vehicle will be equipped with a quantity of Humus Anenzy® having a carbon content capable of balancing the CO2 produced during the manufacturing stage. Moreover, SONITA is working to obtain the licences necessary to supply its vehicles with electric energy into the service areas of an important oil company, using alternative green energy produced disposing the toxic and harmful biogas of dumps, realizing Kyoto two this way. A GREAT REVOLUTION.

    The SONITA vehicle is non-polluting at the end of its life cycle because is entirely recyclable! It’s an electric vehicle equipped with three power producing systems,
  • both stationary and in motion:
    1. It produces photovoltaic electric power through special panels placed on the surfaces more exposed to sunlight;
    2. It produces energy while using the brakes, a system already adopted by leading motor vehicle companies;
    3. It produces wind power through special fans and/or micro-turbines (a patent of SONITA EVP - "Energia dal Vento Positivo"), which start releasing the accelerator, both when the vehicle is stationary and in motion.



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