1° The engineering skills of a team made of Senior MAGISTER engineers, fathers of the first quadricycles of the 90s. They are the “MAGISTERS OF KNOWLEDGE” about Italian electric cars.

    2° A racing car maker team with a great experience in the field of the engineering planning with special mathematical calculations. It has transferred the criteria applied in the racing cars to the chassis and mechanicals of the car SONITA in order to give it more lightness, comfort and safety. They are the “MAGISTERS OF KNOWLEDGE” about safe racing cars.

    3° The wide skills of a great planner and designer, able to choose materials and components, who has made some of the best prototypes of luxury, sports and saloon cars, vans, trucks, military vehicles, luxury boats and ships in the last 40 years. He has given the new ergonomic and functional line to the car SONITA, characterized by innovative, ultra-light and strong materials, easily recyclable at the end of the vehicle life cycle. All that involving the allied activities of material and component manufacturers known during 40 years of work, and therefore
  • giving to SONITA a priceless knowledge heritage. They are the “MAGISTERS OF KNOWLEDGE” about the design car.

    4° The planning and manufacturing experience of a great Car Maker who, together with his Senior Magister team, has produced top-of-the-line cars and off-road vehicles in the last 50 years, also cooperating with car companies of primary importance. He has applied the criteria used for off-road and luxury sports cars in the manufacture of car SONITA, giving it more lightness, solidity, reliability, long-life and versatility for an essential but complete product. All that involving the allied activities of its “OLD” Turin suppliers and therefore giving to SONITA an experience made up of fifty years of comparisons, mistakes, solutions, researches, victories which form the essential basis to develop the project KNOWLEDGE RECOVERY TO MAKE THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE OF THE FUTURE. They are the “MAGISTERS OF KNOWLEDGE” about materials, components and final manufacture of SONITA vehicles.

    5° These heterogeneous four teams made of SENIOR MAGISTER car engineers, put together by SONITA, share an important element: the dream of a functional electric car, eco-sustainable such as Bertolotto wished. A project and development in harmony with nature. Some of them have already designed and
  • realized some prototypes, ahead of their times, when the electric cars were only an idea and we weren’t yet fully aware of the rising cost of living, the increase in the price of fuel and the environmental damage. Now the members of this team, gathered together by SONITA, have established the project EEELCAR.

    6° The environmental consciousness of these entrepreneurs, founders of SONITA, together with the technological partners of “ECO ELCAR”, wants to combine the production of renewable electric power with the use of this energy for a fully ecological transport, starting from a first great socio-ecological project (I Cervelli del Sapere),. These SENIOR “MAGISTER” engineers, coming from several branches related to cars of our last 50 years, share needs, ideas, dreams and creativity and have formed a MIXED GROUP OF PEOPLE who has seen, with and in SONITA, a grain of recovery of the Italian entrepreneurial vitality relating to transport based on eco-sustainability.

    7° The first electric vehicle able to generate electricity both in motion and stationary.

    8° The nine versions of SONITA vehicle will offer:
    8.1 Easy assembling in the building phase, except for the chassis, without welding
  • and painting, and easy disassembling at life cycle end, in order to promote materials recycle as well as spare parts replacement by the customer, also for functional changes. “Do-it-yourself” cheap formula.
    8.2 All parts exposed to sunlight will be equipped with a built-in photovoltaic panel and a mini wind generator too.
    8.3 Renewable electric energy supplied by wind generator.
    8.4 Each model will we equipped with regenerative braking system.
    8.5 Cutting-edge fast battery charger system.
    8.6 State-of-the-art lithium batteries.
    8.7 Each model will be equipped with a battery charger using an emergency engine with vegetable fuel (if allowed by law).
    8.8 Each spare part is sold at a low price also directly to SONITA vehicle owners, applying our cost plus a little mark-up for general costs and delivery charges at the dealers Sonita, which will add a little mark-up and a possible cost of labour. SONITA will be a synonym of do-it-yourself formula (low cost and easy assemblage), the maintenance or the repairs can be made, besides the dealer, by any car electrician or mechanic, because there is no electronic diagnostic system which limits the maintenance operations.
    8.9 Recycling of the vehicle at the end of its life cycle.
    8.10 All components are designed and assembled so as to be easily recycled when
  • they have to be replaced or when the vehicle must be broken up.
    8.11 All bodywork and interior materials are planned with particular reference to lightness and strength, besides being recyclable.
    8.12 Some component parts come directly from the market with no need of new mould or useless researches. In this way, SONITA can take advantage of already amortized costs and therefore make a best choice which means another benefit for the environment, less pollution, less CO2 and a better utilization of the resources.
    8.13 The objective of the study initiated by SONITA partners and researchers is to use components made of vegetable plastic, deriving from cereals, canes, weeds planted on NON FOOD fringe fields. A REAL REVOLUTION!
    8.14 Insurance policy covering civil liability and glass breaking included for the first year.
    8.15 Each Sonita vehicle will be equipped with a quantity of Humus Anenzy® capable of balancing the CO2 produced during the manufacturing stage, 50% of which is given to an ORTI project for developing countries together with MISSION ENFANCE and other Charitable Organizations.
    8.16 The final assembly of the SONITA vehicles will be made involving “SENIOR” engineers who are already retired or have loosen their job (having at least twenty years of work/experience in engineering field). There SENIOR engineers will work
  • cooperatively and each of them will have the task to train a Young Person in a three-year programme. These Young People belong to the project "I WILL BE AN ENTREPRENEUR OF MADE IN ITALY PRODUCTS ", learning their trade into the SONITA BUSINESS.

    "La differenza tra il normale e lo straordinario è quel piccolo extra."




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