• The SONITA project is based on the fundamental idea of “Knowledge" acquisition. And the “Knowledge” just belongs to those who have already gone along the “Make” way.
    This “Knowledge” is handed down to young people who want to join the project “I WILL BE EN ENTREPRENEUR OF MADE IN ITALY PRODUCTS”, learning their trade into the SONITA BUSINESS.

    This richness emerges through the confidence of experience, quality, manual ability and dialectics which each of us has acquired through his personal growth.

    Just for this reason we think it's important to give a chance to those "Magister" in the final manufacture of SONITA vehicles. With their Knowledge richness, they still have a sacrosanct right to Do.
    SONITA intends to become a demonstrative and pilot instrument of this new concept of working system.

    Our project is inspired by a dream which seems impossible but will come true, jus giving space to those people.

    Each Magister will work cooperatively depending on the demand, and will be
  • partnered with a Young Person who will be trained through the “Knowledge” of his point of reference.

    After three years from the beginning of the industrial project, these Young Person, now professionally trained and competent, will have the choice to be employed with a fixed-term contract, depending on the actual need of the business and therefore on the demand of electric vehicle market; all that thanks to the transparency of the numbers and the market trend with reference to all levels of workers.

    As for foreign market, where SONITA sells the whole project, these Young People will be trainer in turn as well as PARTNERS of the assembly industry, helping its start-up, while the components will arrive from Italy. Later on, also some components may be produced abroad under SONITA licence.

    The foreign market demand will include the manufacture in situ, in those countries where SONITA sells its project, thanks to the presence of Young trained employees. This system will ensure job continuity and certainty, avoiding the logics behind open-ended employment in the first place.
  • This is an idea coming from the birth of SONITA, which wants to offer the sacrosanct right to work and the chance to become entrepreneurs to the highest number of Young Persons, starting from SONITA BUSINESS, even without coming from an entrepreneur family. All this with the utmost respect for people, in order to produce this new MADE IN ITALY represented by SONITA vehicles all over the world.

    With these premises, we are sure that it’s possible to create a best future using the past “knowledge”, giving something MORE and not LESS in a wide concept of social.

    More chance to Young People, more development and more training will give a certain benefit to the whole social system of our Country. The production of the components for SONITA vehicles will help the ancillary industries, which now are suffering the market crisis, the loss of their competitive edge and the brain drain.

    Antonio Bertolotto



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